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IRON WILL is an independent artist management agency with an affiliated label (distribution through Rough Trade) and publishing company (Radar Musikkontor sub-publisher). We represent rock and metal solo artists, bands and other creative professionals (producers, songwriters, etc.). At IRON WILL we also provide consultancy services for artists, projects and companies both in Germany and internationally.

In addition to our management activities we also offer project-related services such as the coordination, planning and execution of marketing and promotion concepts, international licensing deals, international label promotion and much more.

The IRON WILL team is comprised of music industry veterans who have held a variety of leading positions since the late 90s at companies including BMG Cologne, it-sounds (Goldrush), Roadrunner Records, EMI, Celsius Management, Elektrofilm and Transmission Management.

The extensive range of different artists we have worked with in the past includes In Extremo (D),  Grand Magus (SE), Danzig (USA), Caliban (D), Graveyard (SE), Guano Apes (D), Delain (NL), Eklipse (D), Sahg (NOR), Illdisposed (DK), Raunchy (DK), Betzefer (ISR), The Creetins (D), Days In Grief (D), Skeletonwitch (USA), Sommerset (NZ), NME.Mine (D), HIM (FI), The Devil‘s Blood (NL), Donots (D), Flyswatter (D), Negative (FI), Nickelback (USA), Liv Kristine (NOR/D), Corvus Corax (D), Tito & Tarantula (USA), Nightwish (FI), Rage (D), Kreator, (D) Burden (D), Mad Sin (D), Raised Fist (SE), The Anti Doctrine (D) Ready, Set, Fall (IT) and many more.

About Chris Klimek:

IRON WILL’s owner Chris Klimek is a true passionate professional respected throughout the music industry for his integrity and dedication. Born in 1973, Chris augmented his own early career as a musician by studying musicology in Cologne, Germany. In 2000 Chris joined BMG Cologne as a Product Manager and later moved up to the position of A&R Manager. He started his own Eat The Beat Music label and publishing company in 2003, signing a worldwide deal for the label in 2004 with Roadrunner Records. Roadrunner also hired Chris on as an A&R Manager, placing him in charge of building up the repertoire in Europe for Roadrunner and the affiliated R.O.T.C. publishing company.

In 2010 Chris Klimek set up his own new independent company, IRON WILL, and began working in conjunction with Celsius Management GmbH managing artists including Guano Apes, Delain and Apoptygma Berzerk. He joined Transmission Management GmbH in 2012 as a Project Manager supervising numerous music industry productions for clients including Sony Music and Universal Music as well as TV broadcasters including Germany’s Vox channel and many more. In June of 2014 Chris redirected his energies to the continued build-up and expansion of his own company, IRON WILL.

Chris Klimek
Manager / CEO
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