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  • Reposted from @wolvespiritband We are proud to announce, that our cover version of the song Holy Diver by Dio will soon be released. We spared no effort to present to you an awesome music video in tribute to the one and only Dio! With this work we want to contribute to the hard and heavy rocking community. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it! #wolvespirit #dio #metal #holydiver #musicvideo #hardrock
  • Reposted from @deadcityruins Video shootin’ @enki.usa #gibsunday
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  • Been there - done that... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Unfortunately due to the Melbourne lockdown situation we are unable to perform in Sydney this Friday.  Make sure you head down to @crowbarsyd to see mates @thepoorband @the_black_cardinals @foxcompanysydney @avalanchebandrock
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  • Finally the new hall is open.
    Pls find our new adress and land-line updates on all official info pages incl. Google Maos (just Google Eat The Beat Köln). Due to ongoing COVID restrictions there is no chance for an opening party, but we are happy to welcome you when the weather is shiny for an outside coffee in front of our place! #wewearamask #scheisscorona #lovemyjob #eatthebeatmusic #ironwill #earmusic
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    Bergen, Hordaland Sahg 2021, shot under the tree on Bones Hill by our man Kjetil Tofte.
    #bandphoto #powertrio #newmusiccoming
  • New office keys: IN! Now just some fresh colors on the walls and we are ready to re-open soon again!! Stay tuned for more news 😎 🤘🏻 💪🏻 #ironwill #eatthebeatmusic
  • Yes!! ⚡️ #Repost @deadcityruins
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    ⚡️⚡️Absolutely PUMPED for this show!! Will we see you there?🤘🏻🤘🏻 @kissonline
  • Testpressungs - Check mit Wolvespirit - more to come soon!!! Das wird ein Knaller!
    😎 🤘🏻 💪🏻
  • Second try - fingers crossed!!! #Repost @deadcityruins
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    Rod Laver Arena ⚡️⚡️ We are stoked to announce that Dead City Ruins are opening for the legendary KISS at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday November 20⚡️⚡️ General tickets go on sale Friday March 5 at 12pm!  Come watch us rock out with the masked crusaders of ROCK N ROLL 🤘🏻🤘🏻 7 inch leather heels mandatory!!
  • Der Sänger einer unsere Bands (Leon von The Lazys) ist während Corona-Lockdown anderweitig aktiv geworden und hat eine Artist-Development Platform gegründet, die Künstlern und Szene-Neulingen mit Beratungs-Workshops auf die Spur helfen möchte. Das gesamte Spektrum von Songwriting, Produktion bis hin zu sämtlichen Business-Fragen ist abgedeckt. Es steht eine große Auswahl an etablierten Mentoren zu Verfügung, die gerne bereit sind, Ihr Wissen und Ihre Erfahrung zu teilen. Schaut einfach mal rein! http://www.bandwagonworkshops.com The singer in one of our bands (Leon from The Lazys) became active during Corona Lockdown and founded an artist development platform that wants to help artists and newcomers to the scene with advisory workshops. The entire spectrum from songwriting and production to all business related issues is covered. There is a wide range of established mentors available who are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Just take a look! Bandwagon
    The Lazys
  • What a package!!! 😎 🤘🏻 💪🏻
    Let's cross fingers, hope best and see where we are in September. At least a great chance for the Lazys - if any - to get back on the road. #thelazys #Repost @thelazys
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    United Kingdom 💥TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT💥 We are beyond excited to announce that we will be joining the lads in @massivewagons for what will be an absolutely explosive tour around the UK!! We can’t wait to bring our energetic show back to the UK stages, and we can’t wait to have a beer with you all. It’s been far too long! 🍻
    Grab your tickets NOW at http://www.massivewagons.com/live
    #thelazys #massivewagons #UK #tour #music #rocknroll #performance #announcment
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    Look forward to bringing in the new year with more of this! ⁠
    Photo by @mickdoddsphotography
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    Check out TREASURED CUTS with some of our own favourite tracks from the Sahg catalogue. >>> link in bio <<<
    Rock on and God Jul!🤘
  • Oh, it's that time of season again., so:
    Offices (Iron Will, Eat The Beat Music and Satyricon / Watchtower) are all CLOSED from NOW!
    Locked down until mid January 2021.
    2020 was crazy fu**** up and a challenge for all of is, but we still made some good STEPS through this pandemic.
    Highlights with LONG DISTANCE CALLING (Charts #7) and DRITTE WAHL (Charts #6) plus the release of our live video productions with HAMMERFALL DVD (Charts #14) and LIONHEART live from Summer Breeze 2019.
    We also had 2 outstanding DIY livestreams with LDC and DRITTE WAHL over the summer.
    WOLVESPIRIT new album is prepped up and coming in 2021, same goes to DEAD CITY RUINS and MUTZ & THE BLACKEYED BANDITZ.
    FIDDLER'S GREEN celebrated their 30th anniversary year, FARMER BOYS released their beautiful acoustic version "Isle of the Dead" this year. Nice soundtrack to what happened around us, same as to LDCs "IMMUNITY" video which is still perfectly mirroring our current situation all over the planet.
    Whats new?
    Well, I can tell the secret I was happy to listen to the first new demo SONGS (and they ROCK!) from THE LAZYS - another band that was also MAXIMUM AFFECTED by COVID 19 this year (as every artist in the world). I hope to be able to present some concrete news from their camp soon. Same goes to DUST BOLT, SAHG and SATYRICON for sure.
    Tons of tours, events and festivals have been re scheduled and postponed a few times - most likely to happen in 2021/2022 now. Fingers crossed. All bands I'm working with were heavily affected by the pandemic. Started with DUST BOLT beginning of the year, cancellation of Satyricon US trip and SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL in summer and ended with LDC scheduling their tour the 3rd time last week. But we all will go through this...
    YOU RULE!!!
    Happy Xmas, happy new year everybody!!!
    Stay safe/tuned and see you soon in 2021!!
    Love, hugs and kisses on the asses - yours truly : CHRIS.
    #eatthebeatmusic #ironwill #ohneunswirdsstill
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    Jeder Name eine Geschichte. Schaut mal rein: Web:
    https://www.kulturgesichter0221.de Insta:
    https://instagram.co...id=1pvy407xqzijl bzw.  Facebook:
    https://m.facebook.c...turgesichter0221 #ohnekunstwirdsstill
    #ironwill @kulturgesichter0221
  • ...see what we did last winter...
  • Radio Konzert mit Mutz & WolveSpirit!
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    Lenny im Interview mit @morecore.de zum Thema #mentalhealth im Rahmen der #morecareweek

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